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    Twenty images, usually drawn while in my car. If not, then while on the plane.

    Scorpio Jail Bait Grey And the Succubus shows us that yes, she CAN paint. Now, as to what illicit substances she imbibed to ACHIEVE this... Gratuitous cheerleader Oh yes, she likes drawing this badly. Hey, she gave it to me... I think she might have decreased in talent over the years... The Succubus' response to my unfinished villain sketches. You're gonna get me in trouble one day, Succubus, I swear... Poor Malachai This is just disturbing. Dainty vernal maiden The *real* villain sketch the Succubus drew for me. I feel so special. Drunk again... Arrr, matey, nostalgia dead ahead! You really had to be here for this. Bright ideas. Sex, drugs, and...Necron? Oishii desu ne? The Horde celebrates graduation in their own special way...

    In the Shadows of the Plankton
    Inspired by two hours a day in the car with me and a certain someone, my Succubus proposes something completely different...

    Noktirnle Skwirl of Doom
    A sequel to Plankton, almost...

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