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    The Succubus' Dedication

    What may appear to be a cursory, lackadaisical series of doodles executed in the poorest of taste is actually not only a tribute to a our site's most dedicated fan, but a scathing social commentary. What are Mr. Parabola's vices [gluttony, envy]? What does Getto Boi exploit [lust]? How about possessed, drooling Hunter [greed, lust]? Xanthe [vanity, lust]? Grey, in refusing to get involved [sloth]? And Satsuma is also a big sinner here: [anger, envy, lust]. Members of the jury, I plead guilty only to the sin of having created an epic opus for the ages; a masterwork to be cherished by an extensive string of "begat"s. See it not, and prepare to face obsolescence, hairytick mortan planton wit no bling bling. Ya knowwhut I meen?

    Satan's Dedication

    It all started with that evil little nickname Grey has - lupulla. Latin students may recognize this as "little she-wolf;" however, if you've had Sex 401 disguised as Latin class, you probably know it also means "little prostitute."
    Toss in Necron's emails (which yes, I know, I have removed from SHOBA, but transferred them someplace else...) and my Succubus, and it's a bad situation any way you look at it.
    I will admit I encouraged her to keep drawing, but this is far from a real representation of any characters depicted herein. It's a parody of a parody, or scathing social commentary, or hell, just really bad art.

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