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    Seventy-seven doodles, sketches, drawings, oekaki of sorts, and fourth-generation fan art spanning six years or so. Oh, I feel so old...

    Sailor Moon
    Queen Beryl-sama Old Jupiter sketch A star senshi Chibi PJ - Satan's version Yes, I even quilt! I'm sure all you drooling fangirls were waiting for this one. Queen Nehelania Cere-Cere Princess Moon Black Lady Your starseed is my desire. Otaku Senshi Sailor Chibi pJ Otaku Senshi Sailor Karen Art Deco Dragonfly Plastic is God. Leftover Altoid tins become fanart under Satan's idle hands. She's a bit bleached out, I'm afraid. Oil pastels - crayons for Satan. Yes, I like oil pastels, why do you ask? I used everything but the kitchen sink on this one. If she looks odd, stand on the other side of the room. Sorry PJ. It's like getting a brand new coloring book when you send me PSP files. Manga-style Sailor Neptune Sailor...Moon...? Damned butterflies get into everything...
    Sailor Moon/Guardians Crossovers
    The Mals meet Pinky-Uranus and Nelson-Neptune Technically, this is Malachai, but he looks like Kunzite in this picture... I couldn't resist...though poor Hunter looks too much like Vincent. *shrugs hopelessly*
    Grey, Hunter and Malachai Optional
    Another Grey Grey and Hunter Well now, what's this? Nice dress, ne? *snickers* I shan't even touch this.... Grinch, anyone? Everyone's favorite couple. Oooh, look at that smirk.... A spoiler, if you're reading a certain story. Crossover - or at least crossdressing - with Yu-Gi-Oh! Those two, again. Grey shows a bit of leg. Grey among the roses. Aubade. I like pretentious French words. It's hell having a secret identity. What I was doing most of my summer. Yes, it's a magical horse. That's why he's glowing. *cough* Grey cosplaying as Asellus from Saga Frontier.
    Xanthe Salisbury, aka Guardian Buffy
    Xanthe - Satan's version Xanthe flustered Pen sketch Those are non-alcoholic, I swear... Oh, the youth of today... I give the girl a tropical island, and she'd bored because Hunter isn't there. Phhh.
    Other Guardians Cast Members
    Look out, Pinky's got a gun! Guardian S Strawberry sketch Blanche, remembering Rainbow Princess Sydney Veronica Ankaa Venus, sort of. He's not Eat-Man; he's Getto Boi. Damnit, Malachai, you are not a cosplayer! He looks good in the coat. A younger Malachai. Malachai cosplaying as Blue from Saga Frontier. Malachai versus the squishy orange. Hats off to the man in the leisure suit.
    Non Germane Work
    Ayla, an elf. Mai, from Yu-Gi-Oh. The Magician of Black Chaos, also from Yu-Gi-Oh. Wingweaver with Sword of the Deep Seated and Horn of Light, once again from Yu-Gi-Oh. Jou and his Baby Dragon. Take a guess. A colored version of Wingweaver. I could just cuddle Sephiroth to death, you know that? Unicorn versus UnicornJr. from Saga Frontier.

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